Chiropractic Adjusting Treatment Tables
MT Chiropractic table with Tilt Head & Pelvic drop
Standard Features: Steel frame, Seamless body
cushions, Arm rests, Tilting headpiece, Pelvic Drop
Height is field adjustable from 16” to 24” (24” is with foot
levers). Options: Cervical, Thoracic Drops
Specifications: Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. One year
limited warranty.
5 Drops – Cervical Forward and Straight, Thoracic,
Lumbar and Pelvic. Head Piece with Lateral Bending
and Translation: Elevating Thoracic and Lumbar
Section: Elevating Pelvic Section: Elevating and
Extending Foot Section:10 lb. Rebond Foam with 1”
Soft Foam On Top For Comfort: Adjustable Length
Cocking Foot Levers Stainless Steel Elevation Rods:
Factory set Height options – 19”, 21”, 23” or 25”
Pivotal Health's TradeMark Series Chiropractic Table
Features • Adjustable Face Cushions • Extension
Flexion Headpiece • Paper Roller, Cutter and Guide Bar
•Ankle Extension w/ Elevation • Black Base • Comfort
Cushions   Break away Abdominal
Custom Table Options •Tilt Head with forward drop,
adjustable face cushions •  Elevation (8” of lift) •
Extended Length for 4 Drop Combination •  Any table
maybe ordered from 21”to 26” as measured from the
floor to top of cushions.
Pivotal Health's Max Chiropractic Table with 3 Drops
M T Table height is field adjustable from 16” to 24”
Standard Features: 4 Drops: Cervical Forward and
Straight, Thoracic and Pelvic: Tilting and Elevating Head
with Lateral Bending and Translation: Steel frame: Arm
Rest and Paper Attachments Cutter: Seamless Body
Options: Lumbar Drop: Abdominal Break Away:
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
MT 200 Chiropractic 4 Drop Table with Tilt and
Elevating Head
Chiropractic Adjustment Table with Breakaway
Designed as an affordable choice for a growing
practice or as a starter table. All 3 drops (thoracic and
lumbar in a single chest cushion, as well as pelvic),
are included. Table Features Adjustable Face
Cushions Extension  Flexion Headpiece
Height options 18" 20" 22" 24"or 26"
One year warranty

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Bio 1000 Stationary Foot Cocking 5 drop Table