MT Tables Manual Flexion
Chiropractic Table
Trade Flex Series Manual Flexion Table
• Paper Roller, Cutter,Guide Bar: Ankle
Extension wi elevation: P/A Flexion:
Rear Lateral Flexion: Short T Bar SST
Strap: Electric Spring Tension Forward,
Tilt Headpiece: Breakaway: Vertical and
Lateral Flexion: Face paper dispenser &
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Features of  MT Tables flexion table
the doctor to perform all ranges of
spinal correction,
flexion, extension and axial rotation.
Padded arm rest:  Paper attachments:
24" wide cushions: Caudal and
lateral bending: Axial rotation: Electric
spring tension:  
5" Electric plane
extension: Abdominal
Breakaway: Fixed height- specify 22"
,Tilting Headpiece.
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Auto Flexion Table
Auto Flexion Table
Standard Features: Padded arm
rest Paper attachments,
24" wide cushions, Caudal and
lateral flexion, Axial
rotation Variable speed electric
flexion, Adjustable
stroke, Electric extension, Fixed
height specify 22"- 30" Tilting
head Length is 63” with
Elevating Head –cushion
to cushion; 68” with Tilt Head –
cushion to cushion with 5” of
Electric Plane Extension

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MT Electro Flex Stationary Auto
Flexion Chiropractic  Table
Features • Tilt Head with
Adjustable Face Cushions •  
Paper Roller, Cutter and Guide
Bar • Ankle Extension  • Break-
Away Abdominal • P-A Flexion
(Electric) • Rear Lateral Flexion:
Variable Speed Control • Flexion
Timer  • Flexion Handle (Rear
Flexion Only) • Comfort
Cushions • SST Straps

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Pivotal Health Solutions
Stationary Auto Flexion
Chiropractic Ta
Flexion, Flexion distraction table
Flexion Distraction Chiropractic Table
Flexion-Distraction Chiropractic Tables
Manual and Auto Flexion
Chiroalley LLC
Trade Flex Series
Manual Flexion Table
Table Options; Axial
Rotation; Long axis
distraction; Cervical
distraction headpiece:
headpiece wi forward and
straight drops;Lumbar,
Pelvic, Thoracic, Cervical
Options: Cervical Drop
style):Cervical Drop
Straight (Toggle): Thoracic
Drop:Lumbar Drop: Pelvic
Drop: Elevating Headpiece
Variable Height
.Custom Table optons; Pelvic
Drop, Lumbar Drop
or Thoracic
Drop, Breakaway Thoracic,
Cervical drop, Elevation
22 to 30
inches, Elevating Headpiece
Custom Table Options  Long
axis distraction Elevation (8” of
lift) •Tilt forward drop, Adjustable
face Cushions, Thoracic,
Lumbar, Pelvic drops. Elevation