Traction Decompression Tables
Electric Hi Lo Tables
Chattanooga ADP 400 Hi-Lo is a 4 section Traction
Decompression Table with friction free gliding lumbar
section, head and foot sections incline 90 degrees, head
section lowers to 25 degrees. 400 lb lifting capacity.
Height range between 21.5 and 41.5 inches
The Chattanooga ADP-400 Traction Decompression Plan
includes: The ADP 400 Traction Table, TX Traction unit,
Flexion Stool,Quick Wrap Belt System, and Saunders
Cervical Unit.
One year waranty
Armedica Traction Decompression Tables roll on 4 Steel
Ball Roller Bearings which can be locked in any position
with a positive gear rack system.

The Armedica AM 400 Traction Table is a 4 piece top
section Table Top Section: Width 27" Length 76" Overall
Length 99" Head Section One Section, 15" x 27" raises
45º. Lowers 90°. Contoured face/nose opening, Center
Section 10" x 27" Thoracic Section 17.5" x 27" Foot
Section 33" x 27", Raises 80 degrees. Both the AM 400
and AM 450 Elevate from 18 inches to 37 inches.

The Armedcia AM 450 is a Six Piece Top Section
including Armrests: Width: 27" Length: 76"  Overall
Length: 99" Head Section: Three Section Raises 45
Degrees, Lowers 90 Degrees, Variable height range 18"
to 37" Contoured Face / Nose Opening Center Section:
10"x 2 "Thoracic Section: 17-1/2" x 27  Foot Section: 33"
x 27"  Raises 80 Degrees. Headrest: 15" x 13" Armrest:
12-1/2" x 5-1/2"  Capacity 400lbs.
Armedica AM 450 Traction Table
Decompression Traction Table
The Chattanooga TTET 200 is a  is a 2 section Hi-Lo
Traction Decompression table, with a friction free gliding
lumbar section, 400lb lifting capacity. Adjustable height
range from 21.5 to 41.5 inches.

The Chattanooga TTET 200 Traction Decompression
Plan includes: The TTET 200 Traction Decompression
Table, TX Traction unit, Flexion Stool, Quick Wrap Belt
System, Saunders Cervical Unit.
One year warranty

The Chattanooga TX Traction Unit  is easy to operate.
The Patient Data Cards are able to record up to 14
treatment sessions and Store up to 10 user defined
protocols. Features Intermittent, Static and Cyclic
Traction, Progressive and Regressive steps, User-defined
Hold, Rest and Treatment times, Traction tension
parameters: 0-200 lbs

Accessory package includes Chattanooga TX 4759
Traction Head, Deluxe Quick Wrap Belt system and
Flexion Stool.
ChattanoogaTraction Accessory Pkg.
Decompression Traction Table
Chattanooga Traction
Plan ADP400
AM 400 Can be combined with Chattanooga Traction
unit accessory package. $5695.00 Pkg Price and the
AM 450 $5795
Armedica Am 450
Traction Table
Chattanooga ADP400
Hi-Lo Traction Table

Traction Head not included
Chattanooga TTET 200
Chattanooga TTET 200
Hi-Lo Traction Table

Traction Head not included
Armedica Am 400
Traction Table