The Quantum 400 Features include: Hand Held
Control: Motorized Roller Elevation: Vibration:  Knee
Pillow: 0-30 minute timer: Full or partial spine
treatment: Adjustable roller pressure with display:  
Upholstered cabinet: Choice of Colors: Exclusive
Glide Trak system for smooth travel: Clockwise or
Counter Clockwise Roller Rotation: Life Time
Warranty on rollers: 5 year warranty on motors:
1 year warranty on parts and labor.
Spinalator Type  Intersegmental
Chiropractic Roller Massage Tables
The Legacy 500 Spinalator Style Intersegmental table
features 8 inch wide rollers: 30 Minute Timer:
Reversible massage direction: Adjustable massage
pressure: Vibration with On-Off feature: Automatic
massage pressure lowering at end of timed cycle:
Isolate specific area or full spinal massage: Full 24
inch wide table top: 25 inches high by 74 inches long:
Cervical gel roll and knee bolster: Fully upholstered
cabinet: Choice of colors: One year limited warranty
on parts and labor
ATT-300 Spinalator type Features include Clockwise
and counter-clockwise rotation, Travel indicator,
Automatic lowering device, Adjustable massage
pressure, Vibration, LED roller height indicator,
30-minute timer Neck and knee pillows Table
Dimensions: 72 inches long x 22 inches Wide x 25
inches High, One year warranty
Chiropractic Roller Massage table,
ErgoWave Table Features• Unique Wave Action –
The ErgoWave® roller pattern travels up the spine
like a wave • All areas of the spine are covered with
three independent rollers repeating every 13 seconds
• Triple Rollers – The rollers are mounted onthree
axles to isolate lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions •
Quick Height Adjustments – Gas spring makes roller
height adjustments quick and easy • Ultra Quiet
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Spinalator Chiropractic Roller Table
Spinalator Chiropractic Roller Table
Spinalator Chiropractic Roller Table
This New Spinalator Style Table from MT The
SI-1000 has the same high quality as the Legacy-500
but is designed for the clinic where time is a factor.
With an internal timer you never worry time will vary, a
simple push button starts table to desired run time
every time.
Spinalator Chiropractic Roller Table
Legacy 500
Quantum 400
ATT 300
Legacy 500